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Noubough Sarmayesh Industrial Manufacturing using advanced technology and professional workforces, to produce all type of containers with deferent applications such as workshop, office and residential rooms and cold storages.

General Futures:

Easy installation, Light weight, insulated panels, noise resistance, flexible manufacturing dimensions, join and partition able and custom designed.

Technical futures:

- Frame structure: Steel frame.

- Chases: Fixed and portable (Fixed chases need foundation to install).

- Floor, walls and ceiling: Polyurethane injected sandwich panels with pre painted coating.

- Panel: The thickness for panel differs in applications: Office and residential: 50 mm, Storage rooms: 100 mm, Freezing rooms: 150 mm.

- Window and door: for office and residential applications a double layer windows and an aluminum door is installed by default, optional screen can be ordered for window. For cold room application a cold room door is installed by default.

- Piping's and joints: Green pipe.


Optional accessories:

- Partitioning: Flexible interior design using additional panels.

- Water closet: shower, toilet, cabinets (wooden, fiberglass).

- Kitchen: Cabinets, sink, oven, refrigerator and water heater.

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