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Nobough Sarmayesh is a manufacturer of a wide range of chill rooms, freezing rooms, and industrial doors. The flexibility of solutions offered by Nobough Sarmayesh has been based on a comprehensive range of standard doors with hinged, sliding or automatic operation be it single or double leaved with the following finishes: either stainless, galvanized or colored steel, and maximum open height of 3400 mm and width of single leaf door 2400 mm. Optional accessory include locks with internal emergency opening mechanism and door protection guards.

Chill Room Doors:

The design is aimed for the food industry and the construction is of 70 or 100 mm injected polyurethane.

Freezing Room Doors:

The design is aimed for the food industry and the construction is of 1300 mm injected polyurethane with strategically positioned electric heater tapes for the prevention of unwanted freezing air moisture.

PVC Doors:

PVC swing doors are used on passages where drought may cause problems or to minimize heat transfer due to infiltration.

Industrial Doors:

For various applications air tight i.e. laboratories of various kinds. Where required twin leaved perspex windows can be fitted.

Manual Doors:

With constant research, NOBOUGH SARMAYESH

has developed very high quality doors as the standard for its customers, including ease of operation and installation with minimum maintenance.

Automatic Doors:

With simple rack and pin system fitted to sliding doors the whole operation of the door is automated and can be opened or closed either by a switch fitted very close to the door, chain and micro switch or by  remote electronic transmitters.

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