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in simple language combined rigid polyurethane core between two layers of steel sheet, which is called the sandwich panel. Rigid polyurethane is quite hard and brittle material, so it is not much usable separately. But with making it like a sandwich between two layers of sheet metal material with high tensile strength which we can achieve a product with the very good mechanical specifications. The most common type of metal used in the present were galvanized sheets, aluminum and aluzinc pre-painted sheets, with its composition with polyurethane and producing sandwich panel a product with following special characteristics is achievable: good mechanical strength - light weight - resistance to rot and insects and other vermin penetration - lower heat transfer coefficient - fire resistant - reasonable prices – variety of colors - fast and easy to install - low cost installation - no need specialized equipment for installation .

Technical characteristics of sandwich panels with polyurethane core and pre-painted sheets cover: sandwich panel components:

1 -Core of rigid polyurethane.

2 - pre-painted sheets around the core. Core of rigid polyurethane is composed of  polyurethane, and isosianat and  other additives which is required. Process of  the material composition, environment of formation and its temperature was very effective in properties of the final product, in the other word  is the most sensitive stage of production.

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