Nobough Sarmayesh Industrial Co. started its activities in 1967 with the aim to supply the needs of industrial and commercial cold storages doors and panels, in an area of 3,000 square meters and workshop production systems. During nearly half a century, along with production, the company proceeded to build and operate more than 50 industrial cold storages units to keep and also freezing tunnels to fast freeze meat, poultry, fish and fruit.

  This knowhow beside investments performed in line with research and development , created the necessary power that now this company has a production facility in 24,000 square meters, with 50 qualified experienced personnel and daily production capacity of 7,000 square meters of sandwich panels for cold storage, wall panels, roof panels, boltless panels, specific doors in different thickness and conex. All this are produced in a facility well managed with compliance in ISO 9001:2008 management quality assurance guidance.

  The manufacturing facilities are located in Arak No. 2 industrial zone.